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Your Journey To Becoming AI-Native

At, we've been working with a very selective group of high growth startups, partnering with them to make their AI transformation successful.

Our process focuses on you and your team, who are embarking on a journey to bring AI into your company's processes, across departments over time, to automate not one but anywhere between 10-15 problems in a period of 3 years. We call this journey 'becoming AI-Native'. has dedicated teams that work on projects with startups, over a 3 years + period of time, to enable bottoms-up AI-enabled transformation with 2 goals - to help businesses make more revenue with AI and to help reduce costs exponentially. All of our use cases typically fall into these 2 categories in some form.

The AI-Native Podcast
Julian Artope, Founder & CEO, Zenyum

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Julian Artope, Founder & CEO, Zenyum



Invest in AI - Invest in Growth

Today, you might have a single problem that you are seeking to solve with AI Tomorrow you might have another, unexpectedly. If you're a fast scaling startup, then you will continue to encounter problems you can't always predict.

From our experience in working with high growth startups, we know that by the time you are seeing RoI from implementation for one use case, within 30-60 days of go-live, you're going to want to solve a number of other issues.

The team works directly with our senior leadership team, conducts quarterly reviews with customers, works with startup partners to facilitate/build new roadmaps, actively helps solve problems where needed and assigns resources to turn on relevant parts of our end-to-end platform.

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What do you get when you ‘Get's key goal is to help high growth startups scale and be their go-to AI tech partner

What do you get when you ‘Get

Our platform is architected to handle a wide range of use cases across industries

What do you get when you ‘Get

Empower your teams with more AI and automation, making them AI-native

Want to understand what this means specifically for your startup? Start a conversation with us.

What do you get when you ‘Get’?

What do you get when you ‘Get

The platform

for license where all the models for your use cases will be built and powered

What do you get when you ‘Get

Mission critical use cases and problems,

usually on an ongoing basis over 2-3 yrs, which can consistently solve and deliver value

What do you get when you ‘Get Blox’?

Consistent tech maintenance

& support, to ensure seamless deployment of into your tech environment

What do you get when you ‘Get’?

An entire AI team:

Data engineers, data analysts, backend engineers and a team to help them access data, plumb it, build models on it and deliver results

What do you get when you ‘Get’?

An analyst team

to measure metrics & RoI, to do data analysis and give you periodic suggestions based on insights from your business areas being powered with

What do you get when you ‘Get’?

Dedicated account manager

who looks at business implications, works with your teams day in & day out to identify other opportunities, recommend next steps & more


Enabling a generation of companies build AI-native businesses which deliver meaningful outcomes

Let AI organize data-centric business

Data driven decisions & operations

Build innovative, AI literate teams

Enable, empower teams with AI

Automate functions across the value chain

Less manual, more efficient, high throughput

Build AI assisted applications & businesses

Faster, full featured, innovative

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At, we specialize in partnering with high growth startups to enable them on their AI journey, by powering mission critical use cases and delivering time to value. We’d love to have a conversation with you to explore the scope of AI in your business.


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