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5 Things Your Marketing Stack Doesn’t Tell You3 min read

September 16, 2021 2 min read

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5 Things Your Marketing Stack Doesn’t Tell You3 min read

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Understanding The Marketing Stack.

At the core of the marketing stack, is the funnel. A funnel is a visual metaphor for the customer journey. It helps organizations visualize their sales process and enables them to measure conversion at every step of the funnel.

The goal of any marketing stack is to attract as many leads or prospects as possible at the top of the funnel and guide them “down the funnel” to convert them into customers.

However, most existing marketing stacks do not allow you to slice and dice the performance metrics based on the content, nor do they tie performance to the parameters set up for that campaign. Reconciliation of the data across channels continues to be a challenge for marketers because they lack a single source of truth. Data is siloed, and as a result, so is decision-making.

And that’s where A.I. comes in. A.I. can help streamline your marketing & sales funnel and maximize both lead generation and conversion through data-driven decision making.

AI-powered lead generation, AI for marketing
A snapshot of the marketing funnel

With AI-Powered lead generation, marketers can run campaigns that are as efficient as they are effective. Here’s how: 

Understand your leads better:

A.I. can help create robust user profiles right from the lead stage.’s platform takes into account various transactional & behavioral signals, across channels and touchpoints, to build enriched profiles that can feed into downstream processes such as prediction, personalization & targeting.

Run more cost-effective campaigns:

A.I. can deliver insights on the most cost-effective campaigns across channels – whether it’s Google ads or social media or any other channel – to inform organizations of their CAC, CPL, and CPC across each channel

A single source of truth:

At, we deliver the above (and more!), with all digital marketing campaigns – google ads, social channels, website-based targeting like quora, retargeting, etc – stitched together in one dashboard, to serve as the single source of truth for your marketing teams.

Powerful prediction & targeting:

Different customers have different journeys. With A.I., organizations can predict not only customer behavior but also content, to identify high-performing creatives. Consequently, organizations can ​​target cohorts with the right recommendations & promotions, lead them on personalized journeys for better conversion. 

Performance highlights: 

Get into the nitty-gritty of what makes a campaign stand apart from AI-powered performance highlights that deliver specific attributes of high-performing campaigns so your marketing organization has a complete picture of exactly what works and what doesn’t. 

By optimizing each key touchpoint with, you can maximize the outcomes in each stage of the full, helping you increase revenues from the get-go.