A.I. in Digital Dentistry

Why A.I. Is A Must Have For Digital Dentistry3 min read

March 3, 2021 3 min read

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Why A.I. Is A Must Have For Digital Dentistry3 min read

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A.I. In Digital Dentistry

Dental professionals today use a number of technological tools to help their patients. The use cases for A.I. in dentistry are manifold, ranging from diagnosis to treatment planning to even clinic administration. The inclusion of Artificial Intelligence in Digital Dentistry can fast track growth for doctors while ensuring that patients are benefited immensely. Here’s why A.I. is a must-have for digital dentistry: 

Enabling Remote Consultation 

Currently, remote consultation for dentistry involves a lengthy process which runs into days just to find out if a patient is even eligible for treatment. Although digital dentistry has evolved to a point where patients can take photos of their problem areas and send it to their dentists, there is still an element of back and forth that happens wherein the photos might have not been taken properly and have to be reshot etc. This process may potentially result in the patient getting frustrated and abandoning the consultation altogether.

Artificial Intelligence can help speed up this process and prevent patient churn. By deploying AI-powered image recognition capabilities that can extract information from photos, dental professionals can get instantly informed if the patient qualifies for treatment. AI-image processing can also act as a helpful guide that informs patients about the right way to capture photos. By incorporating A.I. into this process, both dental professionals and patients can save time while ensuring that even remote consultations are successful.

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Empowering Fast Diagnoses

Dental diagnoses are time consuming and require multiple visitations to the clinic, depending on the condition that the patient has. In this age of digital dentistry where clinic space is a precious resource, it is vital that dental professionals are equipped with tools that can enable them to diagnose in a manner that is both fast and accurate.

Dental professionals can once again utilise AI-Powered tools that can help them not only extract information from patient photos but also make sense of the data. While it is the dental professional who ultimately performs the diagnosis, the A.I. can help them make quicker decisions with respect to diagnosis and treatment, thereby making sure patients get the right kind of intervention at the right time.

Comprehensive Patient Profiles

Apart from the patient’s current complaint, the patient’s previous medical history plays a significant role in determining the right diagnosis. Dental professionals must ensure that they have a 360 degree view into their patient’s history in order to provide the best diagnosis.

If dental organizations can harness the power of A.I., they can create comprehensive patient profiles that have information about their medical histories. This data can be made available in a single space through AI-powered extraction across multiple sources of information, giving doctors a singular but complete view of their patient. More importantly, the AI-Powered Patient Profile is constantly evolving. A.I. allows dental professionals to track patient behaviour and reactions over time to create a living profile that evolves with the patient and their lifestyle. 

A.I. Is The Future Of Digital Dentistry

Ultimately, A.I. is not only a must-have, but the future of digital dentistry. Dental professionals and patients will greatly benefit from the productivity, speed and convenience that A.I. will offer. Dental professionals and digital dentistry organizations must invest in A.I. to drive impactful patient experiences and automate mundane processes so they can focus on what really matters: Patient care.