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Here’s Why EdTech Providers Should Use AI-Powered Content Curation2 min read

May 20, 2021 2 min read

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Here’s Why EdTech Providers Should Use AI-Powered Content Curation2 min read

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Content curation is the art of discovering, gathering, and presenting digital content that surrounds specific subject matter. Content curation is especially important for EdTech because it allows educators to create meaningful bundles of content for their students while making best use of existing resources. Deploying AI for content curation allows educators to automate the process of curation, thereby saving them precious time. 

Here’s why EdTech providers should take advantage of AI-Powered Content Curation:

Curation in Real Time

AI & Machine Learning engines can help EdTech providers make real time, predictive recommendations on the kind of content bundles that educators should be providing their students. These recommendations are based on the AI observing patterns in the content that already exists on the platform and measuring it against how students are interacting with it. Real Time curation ensures that students only get the most relevant content & based on what they’re looking for at that specific moment. 

Faster Curation With AI Tagging

Educational content spans across a number of different media, such as videos, images and text. In order to curate collections in an efficient manner, all data and material must be organized in a clean manner. This can be done with the power of visual AI and NLP that can equip and enrich all your data and material with accurate tags. This in turn allows educators to search through all content in a comprehensive manner, ensuring faster curation. 

Targeted & Personalized Curation

Every student learns differently and shows inclination towards different subjects. Understanding what every student wants is difficult in a traditional setup since a single educator has to oversee many students, sometimes going into the hundreds. However, with AI engines, educators can get detailed insights on the subjects and the kind of medium that each student gravitates towards. Consequently, the AI engines can use this information to curate content bundles that are targeted towards each student’s learning needs. 

With AI, content curation becomes not only simple for EdTech platforms, but also more efficient. EdTech platforms that harness AI can offer the most relevant and helpful content for its learners and cut through noise while improving business processes and making them more efficient.