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Introducing: xBlox4 min read

July 8, 2021 3 min read

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Introducing: xBlox4 min read

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AI for everyone

AI technology has progressed at a rapid pace over the last half-decade. As a result, companies now more than ever have been enthusiastic about implementing machine learning in their processes. While there are a number of generic models available in the market, it is vital for organizations to recognize that if they are to truly achieve AI success, they must understand that generic models often don’t cut it.

Every industry has its own niche use cases, after all. Sometimes, businesses within the same industry might have different goals that they want to achieve with their AI implementation. In order to achieve that, businesses need to understand that AI models are only as good as the data they have been trained with. 

So how can businesses build models that are customized exactly to their needs? 

The vision at Mad Street Den has always been to get everyone – whether you’re a developer, a business analyst, or in marketing – to participate in not just consuming AI, but creating it.

That is what we aim to do with our platform.

Today we are one step closer to that vision.  We are excited and thrilled to share the launch of the first product from the arsenal – xBlox.

Introducing: xBlox

xBlox is a fully customizable AI-powered data organization tool. With xBlox, you can break silos and bring your data together, convert raw data into meaningful attributes, and apply the organized data towards solving your business challenges.

With xBlox, experience a multi-X speedup in labeling and enriching your data. And that’s not all. You can also build Machine Learning models that can automate data organization at scalewithout needing to write a single line of code.

It’s a culmination of years’ worth of experience working with data and the best practices in MLOps packaged into one. 

Starting with raw data, images, numerical, structured text attributes, and unstructured text.

The in-built taxonomy manager can then be used to assemble attributes into a hierarchy that brings structure to your data management. The tool enables the user to visually label or classify data points based on their attributes. During this time, the system observes, learns from user interactions, and predicts labels for the remaining data points.

This ping-process between the human and AI in making predictions and providing feedback exponentially reduces the number of datapoints hand-labeled by the user. And significantly reduces the time it takes to reach completion.

With xBlox, our goal is simple: We want to enable you and your teams to deploy data organization ML models into production in <24 hours.

Introducing: xBlox

Why xBlox?

  • You can start from scratch and complete workflows within minutes! xBlox is one complete package that includes all the moving parts – from raw data to organized data
  • Usability is at the core of xBlox. Which means, anyone can build ML models! Whether you’re a data labeler looking to tag training data, or an ML engineer looking to tune model hyperparameters, xBlox has got you covered
  • Attributes on Xblox are fully customizable. This lets you incorporate business and use-case specific tweaks to your data organization in a simple and intuitive manner
  • There are hundreds of CV and NLP models that simultaneously process every data point, extract features and project them on a two-dimensional canvas on xBlox. The result? You can visualise your data like never before! Understand data spread and mix along with the similarities and differences between individual data points, within minutes!
Introducing: xBlox

Realize Immediate Business Value

xBlox abstracts the underlying complexity of your data, so you can deploy models in hours that would have otherwise taken months to put together, and start seeing value in weeks. What’s more, xBlox’s easy-to-use interface allows teams without any knowledge of code to take part in shaping the models most relevant to their business and use case. 

We’re eager to put this self-learning chisel in your hands to help you manage, shape, and derive unlimited value from your data – to answer insightful questions specific to your use-case or act as a launchpad to build personalization and sense-making applications on. The possibilities are endless.