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increase in
customer retention

For a fast growing EdTech company. The frictionless experience enabled users to move from freemium to paid.


accuracy in
user qualification

For a leading dental company. The smooth patient onboarding process had a direct impact on acquisition of new visitors.


decrease in product
roll back rates

For one of the largest eCommerce ecosystems in the world. This significantly reduced the resources associated with manual moderation.

Abhay SabooCo-founder & CEO, CoLearn

We don’t see AI at CoLearn as just a point solution for one specific problem. Rather, we see AI as a way to design end-to-end experiences from generating leads, increasing retention, to also thinking about how we grow the community of students that we have. We think is one of the best partners who can design this whole experience from end-to-end.

Julian ArtopéFounder & CEO, Zenyum

One thing we kept investing in at all points in time was the product team. It was so strategic for us to keep building and expanding the solution of the product. The first thing is the Automated Smile Assessment – something that helps us a lot with. It really gave us an advantage in the end. We're seeing some super exciting stuff.

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