Your own AI platform for end to end business needs

About the AI Stack

Application Layers

Connectors to the world. Pipelines to connect with your data lake/delta lake/data warehouse; Work with all kinds of data - Image, Tabular, Text, Video, Audio & more

Data organization; Model training / Model building - Computer Vision and NLP models

API endpoints for sense-making, search and personalization queries on the organized data

Custom applications to solve specific business use-cases/challenges

Own, build & manage your AI with

Run on any infrastructure:

Use Cases

Hosted by

Deploy on leading cloud service providers with maximum flexibility

Use Cases

Private Cloud

Deploy on your in-house datacenter with complete control over your data and business

For Developers: A playground for your data and ML teams. Build with - View and organize your data, build and deploy custom models mission critical to your business.

Connect with our technical teams to figure out what will work for you and how!


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