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Accelerate growth with AI-based personalization

Retail & SMB Banking

Cards, Wallets & Payments Services


AI for Retail & SMB Banking

Deploy AI for financial services to enrich and intelligently visualize customer and transaction data to drive a transformative customer experience with accurate and individually personalized cross-sells.

Onboarding & KYC


Real-Time Credit
Readiness & Scoring

Data Driven
Personalized Offers

Customer and Transaction Monitoring for Fraud/Anti Money Laundering

Asset and Portfolio Management


Lending Process & Document Automation

Rewards & Redemption

Integration with
External Ecosystem

AI for Cards, Wallets & Payments Services

Leverage AI for financial services to dissect millions of payment transactions data flowing through open banking across industries, segments, marketplaces, cross-currency, etc. to enhance the experience, predict fraud, and significantly reduce payment process costs.

Data Driven
Personalized Offers

& Redemption

Customer and Transaction Monitoring for Fraud/Anti Money Laundering


Purchasing Insights

Short-Term & Long-Term Spend & Saving Patterns

Automating Alternate Payment Vehicles

Regulate Financial Health

Onboarding & KYC

Integration with External Ecosystem

AI for Funds

Use AI for financial services to radically transform traditional fund and investment product portfolios while significantly increasing operational middle and back-office efficiencies.

Enriched Relationship Management

Asset and Portfolio Management


Data Driven Personalized Offers and Churn Prediction


Long Term Direction Analysis of Portfolio

Transaction Monitoring for Fraudulent and Suspicious Behaviour

Operations Mining


Integration with
External Ecosystem

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Increase in customer retention through personalized user journeys


Reduction in cost through intelligent document processing


Decrease in bounce rate through image moderation & automated onboarding

Understanding the 3 pillars of Blox

01 Personalization for Finance

By indexing financial data and user signals at multiple levels, and powering multimodal search based on the data layers, is able to enhance the user’s journey significantly, and thus deliver the impact of AI for financial services.

02 Data Unification

By delivering a singular view into all data, real-time, through non-journaled entries and no length retrieval process, puts analytics and querying front and center, to enable data-driven decision making.

03 Intelligent Automation

By taking into account programmable automation (repetitive tasks, made more efficient) along with it with intelligent automation (e.g. intelligent document processing), uses AI on top of AI to deliver process optimization.

Con ConlonMD and CEO, Merit Group

Blox helped us distill huge volumes of data from different sources and make it usable. The work we did with Blox on retail enabled buyers to make really smart decisions about what garments to put on their shelf.

Abhay SabooCo-founder & CEO, CoLearn

We’ve been working with the team for almost a year now. Our vision was to use AI to transform the way students engage with educational content. We began by working with to help students find answers to specific questions but over time, that use case has evolved now creating more immersive, student-led, learning experiences.

Julian ArtopéFounder & CEO, Zenyum

One thing we kept investing in at all points in time was the product team. It was so strategic for us to keep building and expanding the solution of the product. The first thing is the Automated Smile Assessment – something that helps us a lot with. It really gave us an advantage in the end. We're seeing some super exciting stuff.

Sauvik BanerjjeeFounding CTO, Tata Digital & Tata Neu

Tata and MSD have a thought-process marriage. We will learn from the data and patterns they’ve observed through a broad lens from their diverse clientele and they will learn about the consumer behavior patterns that we have observed. Your platform of choice for AI in financial services

We are enabling a generation of financial businesses to deliver meaningful outcomes for both their users as well as their internal teams, by deploying AI for financial services.

Multi-modal AI that solves some of the hardest business problems

Quick integration

Dedicated customer success

Scale across teams & applications

Trusted enterprise solution

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