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AI-Powered Personal Care and User Experience

Healthcare businesses can leverage the power of AI and machine learning to deploy more precise, efficient, and impactful interventions at exactly the right moment for users. fixes the ugly data problem that costs healthcare businesses millions of dollars every year. The platform uses NLP and computer vision models to extract and enrich all kinds of healthcare data from images, videos, text, and more. This allows to solve for key challenges in the healthcare businesses including optimizing patient care with personalized treatments, speeding up user onboarding processes, unifying all kinds of data, improving user retention, optimizing staffing, process automation and more - allowing the businesses to focus on what really matters to them: delivering stellar personal care and user experience.

Visual on how AI can help the healthcare industry

Document uploading & OCR Extraction

Visual on how AI can help the healthcare industry

Data Reconciliation

Visual on how AI can help the healthcare industry

Personalized Recommendations

Solving Real Business Problems for Health, Wellness & Personal Care

Identify mission critical use cases that enable you to deliver next-generation personal care and user experience

Power personalized

The solution helps you suggest the best treatment plans, custom-tailored medications or care plans based on their medical history, genetic profile etc.

Personalize sorting
of data

The AI can sort any data on your website based on every user’s health & wellness or beauty requirements, their health profile and history, wellness tips, nutrition info, beauty care regimes relevant to them & more, early in the session.

Personalize content
& messaging

The platform allows you to tweak the content across channels to be personalized to every user thereby ensuring each user is shown material in the format they are most likely respond to.

Create personalized
marketing experiences

The platform enables you to engage better with users by delivering the right custom tailored care and treatment plans, medication to every user across all channels including mail, notifications, etc.

Visualize customer
profiles for insights

The solution offers you a detailed view into each patient with their medical history, genetic profile etc to enable you to understand and personalize for them better.

Enrich and standardize
business data

Onboard & organize healthcare and wellness content like information on services, wellness content, patient health profiles, medical history, health insurance information, etc faster with enriched metadata. Define your own healthcare data organization systems with a customizable taxonomy that works for your business.

Moderate data
for quality

Automate the process of monitoring and removing images or text from medical documents that are inaccurate, unwanted or of poor quality.

Empower teams with
custom models

Empower different teams with enriched data to build their own different ML models for a variety of health and wellness business applications.

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increase in conversion rate with enriched data

AI capabilities for healthcare businesses

Rich business and customer data

The AI extracts and enhances treatment, medication and care plan data that can then be mapped to patient profiles for highly personalized experiences.

Customer profile generation

The AI generates a detailed profile for each patient, identifying their unique needs and preferences along with the health segments they fall under - making it easier for businesses to personalize efficiently.

Dynamic personalization

The AI alters content in real time, to match every single user's preferences and intent for each session.

NLP uses Natural Language Processing to get more value out of structured and unstructured text on medical documents to understand, enrich, analyze, and discover trends from the content.

Computer Vision uses image recognition to decipher and extract attributes from images and other visual clinical/medical data.

Data organization

The platform can process large amounts of healthcare data and enrich, classify, standardize, and manage it for optimized usage.

ML Tools has an array of code & no-code tools for any team to make the best and most efficient use of their data.

Customizable AI models

The AI algorithms can be trained and customized to boost specific treatment and care plans for each user based on business goals and priorities.

Dashboard & analytics

The dashboard measures an exhaustive range of KPIs including engagement rate, directly attributable revenue, revenue per user, and more.

AI For Healthcare - Case Studies

Accelerated User Onboarding & Pre-Assessment For Dental Care

Improved Efficiency with Intelligent Document Processing & Automation for Healthcare Staffing

Accelerated User Onboarding & Pre-Assessment For Dental Care

Type of Business: Asian D2C Smile Transformation Brand

Goal: Make user onboarding faster and more efficient + reduce user bounce rate.

AI Implementation:

  • The user clicks various views of their teeth and uploads on the digital dental platform
  • The AI processes each image and checks for various criteria that needs to be met
  • The user receives on-screen prompts/ retake requests in the app as soon as they upload each photo
  • The approved images can be passed on for pre-assessment and other downstream processes right away
  • This ensures that the feedback for the user is immediate, to ensure that only accurate and qualified images get uploaded.


  • 97% Accuracy In User Qualification
  • 90% Reduction In Finer Resubmission Rate
  • 50% Reduction In Overall Resubmission Rate
  • 75% Reduction In User Bounce Rate
Accelerated User Onboarding & Pre-Assessment For Dental Care

Type of Business: American Healthcare Staffing Provider

Goal: Improve operational efficiency for the teams working on digitizing the nursing staff’s records.

AI Implementation:

  • Extract information from documents, using OCR, in an automated manner
  • Build and deploy the text models for different document types and their required taxonomy
  • Seamless integration into inhouse systems to gather feedback from human reviewers feeding into data for model iterations.


  • Greater throughput of digitized records
  • Better accuracy of the data extracted
  • Automated digitization of records
  • Faster data extraction using AI
  • Faster matching of nurses to nursing requirements
  • Increased productivity, leading to cost savings for the current team Your platform of choice for AI in health & wellness

We are enabling a generation of healthcare businesses to deliver meaningful outcomes for both their users as well as their internal teams, by deploying AI in health & wellness services.

Multi-modal AI that solves some of the hardest business problems

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Scale across teams & applications

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Healthcare categories across which works with upcoming brands in this space are

Julian ArtopéFounder & CEO, Zenyum

Dentistry is a little bit of an old industry. But by putting a layer of technology on top of that, you can predict very much what are the patterns that are happening.

Abhay SabooCo-founder & CEO, CoLearn

We’ve been working with the team for almost a year now. Our vision was to use AI to transform the way students engage with educational content. We began by working with to help students find answers to specific questions but over time, that use case has evolved now creating more immersive, student-led, learning experiences.

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