AI-led Personal Care and User Experience

Health & wellness businesses can leverage the power of AI and machine learning to deploy more precise, efficient, and impactful interventions at exactly the right moment for users. This is especially true for wellness apps and a similar impact can be seen for beauty businesses, as well. solves for key challenges in the wellness and personal care categories including speeding up user onboarding processes, unifying all kinds of data, improving user retention, process automation and more, allowing these businesses to focus on what really matters to them: delivering stellar personal care and user experience.

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Solving Real Business Problemsfor Health, Wellness & Personal Care

Identify mission critical use cases that enable you to deliver next-generation personal care and user experience

Solving Real Business Problems for Health, Wellness & Personal Care

How well do you know your users? Many times, there are repetitive questions asked from users, especially around health & wellness. Users might not recollect and reshare accurate details as well, leading to sub-optimal experiences.

Know Your Users

Build a comprehensive user profile using varied signals like demography, behavior & more, updated real-time. No new user should have to give their information more than once.

Solving Real Business Problems for Health, Wellness & Personal Care

Given that every user is unique and different, surely they will require different types of messages, reminders and personal care information which add value to them. Users are likely to stay with businesses which send messages tailored for them.

Personalized Messaging

Based on every user’s health & wellness or beauty requirements. This could include their health profile and history, wellness tips, nutrition info, beauty care regimes relevant to them & more.

Solving Real Business Problems for Health, Wellness & Personal Care

With newer content coming up around health, fitness, wellness, nutrition & more, how do you ensure that the right users are getting access to the right pieces of content? Moreover, how do you ensure that all types of users are covered across the various pieces of content being shared?


Target any new piece of content around health, wellness, safety tips, nutrition and allergy information & more, to the right cohort of users, in order to continue to engage users with highly relevant content.

Solving Real Business Problems for Health, Wellness & Personal Care

With health, wellness and beauty moving beyond ‘necessity’ and becoming lifestyle changes, how can you enable your users to access the right brands and services, that share your values about personal care and user experience?

Personalized Promotions

Bundling or affiliate marketing with health & wellness and personal care partners like nutrition brands, fitness services, upcoming personal care services which complement your brand & more.

Solving Real Business Problems for Health, Wellness & Personal Care

Long user onboarding times with barriers where data is required in a specific format such as image. This leads to delayed onboarding, user fatigue as well as drop offs. This also directly affects user care in terms of timeliness, in the case of health & wellness businesses.

Faster User Onboarding

Based on entry of data into digital form, qualification steps integrated into the onboarding such as image quality, which enables the user to complete the onboarding workflow faster.

Solving Real Business Problems for Health, Wellness & Personal Care

Be it health & wellness, or beauty & personal care, every user requires a unique yet timely assessment in order for them to get most value from your business. These could be smile assessment, skin type, user preferences based on existing conditions & more.

Pre-assessment For Users

Based on user movement down the onboarding workflow, specific to your business. This will help determine the nature of the service they need or the products relevant for them, and convert them into highly engaged users.

Solving Real Business Problems for Health, Wellness & Personal Care

Repetitive requests for the same information often leads to poor user experience, not to mention delays in users moving into onboarding or assessment stages. Additionally, details are incorrectly captured manually or not updated real-time.

Data Digitization

Extract data, across formats and workflows, and organize your business data into a singular digital view. New user registration, onboarding, updation of information, and more, can be automated across touchpoints.

Solving Real Business Problems for Health, Wellness & Personal Care

Amidst all the workflows a user goes through to avail your product or service, how can you ensure that your business is focused on delivering what is most critical to your users: highly effective personal care and a stellar user experience?

User Churn Prevention

Enable higher user retention and loyalty by facilitating user movement down the conversion funnel - be it onboarding, pre-assessment or availing your services - coupled with your knowledge of every user.

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Julian Artope, Founder & CEO, Zenyum
Julian Artope
Founder & CEO, Zenyum

Dentistry is a little bit of an old industry. But by putting a layer of technology on top of that, you can predict very much what are the patterns that are happening.

One thing we kept investing in at all points in time was the product team. It was so strategic for us to keep building and expanding the solution of the product. The first thing is an Automated Smile Assessment and that’s something that helps us a lot with. And it really gave us an advantage in the end. We're seeing some super exciting stuff.

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