For the first time ever, you now get to Enrich business data + Deploy personalized customer experiences through the same product

Standing out and finding your niche online is tough.

Building the right experiences to retain the attention of your users is hard work.

And seeing those experiences not giving returns - that can be quite distressing.

As we worked with top businesses across the globe, we realised that the #1 reason digital experiences fail is because of poor foundation data - this could be products, services, content, or any other business data. And for years, we used our AI systems to fix that foundation data, understand every single user 1:1, built experiences that will convert, and helped businesses grow.

Now, we give you direct access to those systems.

With Blox, you can fix your data, build 1:1 user profiles, create digital experiences that shine, and get insights like never before.

But why does that matter?

For years, quality of data has affected digital experiences. Never again.

When the foundation business data is messy or unorganized - any user profiles, experiences, or insights built on that is also going to be messy, unorganized, and not reliable.

Businesses end up swaying far from their revenue potential because of not realising this - or not being able to fix their data.

That stops now. Use AI to fix your data and build impeccable digital experiences with Blox.

Better Data = Better ROI through Experiences

And what does that mean?

The numbers talk for themselves


Reduced time in data
organization processes


of business revenue
contributed by Blox


Faster go-live through
process automation


Increased customer retention

20 - 30$

ROI for every 1$ spent on us

40 - 60%

Lift in revenue per visit

Top Businesses Have Already Chosen Blox Customers

Blox helped us distill huge volumes of data from different sources and make it usable.

Con Conlon,

Managing Director, Merit Group

We want to keep building and expanding the solution of the product and is helping us a lot with. It really gave us an advantage in the end.

Julian Artopé,

Founder & CEO, Zenyum

We think is one of the best partners who can design a whole experience from end-to-end.

Abhay Saboo,

Co-founder & CEO, CoLearn are founding partners of Tata Neu and we’re looking to building a world class platform with them

Sauvik Banerjjee,

Founding CTO, Tata Digital

A great piece of technology

Murat Y,

Director - Engineering, Hepsiburada

The personalisation solution introduces world class solution to our platform

Karen Bruck,

VP - Marketplace, Mercado Libre

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