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It's time to invest in taking your company's data moats and turning them into exponential value for your company. With xBlox, you can improve your team’s productivity while managing your data like you've never before. Label, classify and enrich raw data within minutes, and let the system learn and build a custom, ready-to-deploy ML model for your data organization needs. Whether you want simple no-code tools or the full developer suite, xBlox has got you covered.

Our goal is singular - to enable you and your teams to deploy data organization ML models into production in < 24 hours.

Build attribute structure
Visualize your data
Organize your data
Export labelled data
Deploy ML model

Build attribute structure

Build your taxonomy - a hierarchy of attributes relevant to your data segment, business and use case

  • Provides a structure to organizing your data, visualizable in a tree-like form
  • Choose from predefined, segment-specific taxonomy, or create and customize your own taxonomy from scratch

Visualize your data

CV and NLP models process your data, and plots data points on a 2D canvas based on the extracted feature vectors

  • Visualize your data spread and mix
  • Easily realize distance-based similarities and differences between data elements

Organize your data

Drag and drop similar data points into labelled clusters

ML models learn and understand the intent behind each classification

  • Auto-labelling - System predicts labels for unlabelled data points
  • Prediction performance improves in each iteration, leading to orders-of-magnitude faster organization

Export labelled data

Export labels and predictions generated into a CSV file, which can be used across your business systems or independently

  • Perform quality checks on prediction accuracy
  • Labelled data can be used to support search and personalization applications

Deploy ML model

Generate an API endpoint with the custom-built ML model deployed for inference

  • Auto-organize new data - accurately predict classification across all features in the taxonomy

Build. Tune. Deploy Models Instantly.

A playground for data, ML, analytics and business teams

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Accomplish a wide range of tasksacross functions, instantly, with xBlox

Tag your marketplace inventory
Organize your edtech content subject-wise, category-wise
Tag user data to enable your wellness experts with pre-assessed profiles
Curate and moderate image quality
Quality control, customized and at scale
UCG Content Moderation
Import your existing taxonomy or work with your data to structure your taxonomy
Use existing models or build new models to organize your data into your taxonomy
Train new custom tags; deploy existing & trained models for downstream use cases
Capture the detailing within any piece of content; drill down by grade, subject, topic, sub-topic & more
Build an organized taxonomy at the backend, which populates all downstream systems
Power smooth site/app navigation due to robust labelling and organized content
Enable all data to be tagged, digitized and to flow into an organized taxonomy - new user registration, onboarding for every visit, billing, prescriptions & more
Automate workflows which use image & text input from users, that can be tagged and qualified, to move the user from onboarding to pre-assessment faster
Visualize and label images based on quality and preset guidelines, for acceptance or rejection in your workflow
Automate image moderation for faster processing, at scale
Examples of image moderation in action are retail catalog onboarding, user onboarding on apps, image & video content for media & entertainment platforms & more
Analyze defects in products using the tool, based on preset guidelines for qualification, for faster acceptance
Handle quality control at scale, customized for your product and business, with minimal or no manual intervention
Examples of AI-powered QC in action are consumer goods manufacturing, marketplace warehouses, parts and accessories supply chains & more
Moderate user generated content, which is a must-have for many businesses
Automate checks for NSFW, abusive, sexually inappropriate content & other custom guidelines which the model can be trained for, to ensure your platform is complying to user safety protocols

Impact Driven Across Businesses


Reduction in
user bounce rate

For a global
health & wellness brand


Increase in conversions
through enriched product data

For retailers
across the globe


Accuracy in search based
on end user feedback

For a leading
edtech business

xBlox is about speed!Fix your data now.

Spend lesser time on your data and more time building features that delight your customers

Simple, intuitive UI

Easy-to-use, no-code UI for quick training and deployment

Flexibility in defining attributes and taxonomy

Pre-set taxonomies available, edit attributes and build taxonomies in minutes

Speed up time to organization

AI-assisted data labelling for high productivity and quick data organization

Different teams, different value created

Enable not only data scientists and ML engineers, but any user to build ML models

Talk To Sales

We are very excited about bringing to you AutoML like never before. xBlox can be used by any user across your teams to instantly build, train and deploy custom models, to create maximum value for their team. Talk to us to know more and for tool access.


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