The Podcast: Julian Artopé

Did you know that the cosmetic dentistry market is expected to grow from $21.9 billion in 2020 to $30.1 billion by 2025? Increased awareness and focus on aesthetics is a major factor for the demand for cosmetic dentistry to grow more rapidly than ever before. Additionally, the prevalence of oral health disorders and rising dental tourism in emerging markets, makes it a very exciting space to watch out for. In this podcast, we have Julian Artopé, co-founder and CEO of Zenyum. Zenyum is a consumer focused health care brand with a mission to help Asia smile more through its range of 3D printed, invisible braces and cosmetic dental treatments at very affordable prices. Tune into this episode of The Podcast, and listen to Julian talk about:

How the idea for Zenyum came about
How Zenyum ensures affordable dental procedures by using technology
The growth of cosmetic dentistry market and Zenyum’s product creation
How the brand is investing in various technology for a seamless experience
How Zenyum is turning into a lifestyle for people across Asia

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