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Reduction in cost through intelligent document processing


Faster go-live
through process automation


Reduced time in
data organization processes


Accuracy in extraction, enabling faster document processing

What is Intelligent Document Processing?

Use OCR, NLP and text models to extract, organize and reconcile data, in any format, from any document type

Extract &
classify data
Configure custom models instantly
Reconcile structured data
Automate downstream

Business data is usually present in different formats, across sources. A lot of business data is unstructured and semi-structured. IDP (Intelligent Document Processing) leverages AI, along with programmable automation (such as repetitive tasks), to convert data into usable, structured formats, and for consumption by downstream systems.

Using Natural Language Processing (NLP), Computer Vision (CV), Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and machine learning tools, identifies, labels and extracts relevant data from any type of document. The AI then maps this extracted information into a structured format while configuring a model which can be applied to all similar document types. The stack is set up to reconcile the data based on business requirements and to push the output to downstream systems automatically.

THE Intelligent Document Processing(IDP) WORKFLOW

Where can IDP be used?

Invoice Automation

Claims Processing

Healthcare Documentation

Loans Processing

Logistics Documentation

Resume Parsing

Accounts Payable Flow:
Invoice - PO - GRN Reconciliation

Extract and reconcile line items from an invoice for a 2-way match against a PO (Purchase Order) or a 3-way match against a PO and a GRN (Goods Received Note) to process payment or line up for review, if needed.

Insurance Claims Handling & Automation

Enable faster claims processing by extracting and matching relevant details from claims forms, such as applicant, details of the claim, policy information and qualify against standard business guidelines.

Healthcare Documentation-based Automated Staffing

Extract information from healthcare records, vaccine certificates etc. to build a real-time user profile, and to qualify and match healthcare professionals for specific roles and optimize staffing workflows.

Loan Application
Automation & Optimization

Enable efficient loans processing and disbursement by automating the extraction of relevant information from loan applications, qualifying the applicant against predefined guidelines through multi-way matching and reconciliation.

Resume Extraction & Candidate Screening

Process online resumes and profiles with semi-structured /unstructured information, through intelligent data extraction. Increase efficiency in screening and qualification by recruiters, by automating the reconciliation of information against job requirements.

Logistics Documentation

Process document-heavy workflows in logistics, like goods received and proof of delivery, which have unstructured / handwritten text, and documents in non-standard formats. Extract relevant information across documents, feed into consignee’s ERP systems, and enable accurate and faster processing.

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Automation using the Blox stack

The 30-60-90 Framework

30 days: GO-LIVE
60 days: AI SUCCESS
90 days: GROWTH
The 30-60-90 Framework

Discovery& Scope

  • Identify business use cases
  • Interpret as technical & product problem statements
  • Craft solutions
The 30-60-90 Framework

Solutioning Workshop

  • Understand solution scope
  • Ramp up tech from existing scaffold to deliver
  • Work with customer teams to integrate
The 30-60-90 Framework

Onboarding & Outcomes

  • Ensure stability
  • Enable ease of data access
  • Define clear success metrics
The 30-60-90 Framework

AI Success

  • Monitor & measure performance
  • Track success
  • Nurture growth
  • Build a roadmap
The 30-60-90 Framework

Enhancement & Growth

  • Trigger enhancements & iterations of AI solutions
  • Discover more mission critical challenges to solve and deliver impact for the customer

Con ConlonMD and CEO, Merit Group

Blox helped us distill huge volumes of data from different sources and make it usable. The work we did with Blox on retail enabled buyers to make really smart decisions about what garments to put on their shelf.

Abhay SabooCo-founder & CEO, CoLearn

We’ve been working with the team for almost a year now. Our vision was to use AI to transform the way students engage with educational content. We began by working with to help students find answers to specific questions but over time, that use case has evolved now creating more immersive, student-led, learning experiences.

Julian ArtopéFounder & CEO, Zenyum

One thing we kept investing in at all points in time was the product team. It was so strategic for us to keep building and expanding the solution of the product. The first thing is the Automated Smile Assessment – something that helps us a lot with. It really gave us an advantage in the end. We're seeing some super exciting stuff.

Sauvik BanerjjeeFounding CTO, Tata Digital & Tata Neu

Tata and MSD have a thought-process marriage. We will learn from the data and patterns they’ve observed through a broad lens from their diverse clientele and they will learn about the consumer behavior patterns that we have observed.

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