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Invoice Processing Automation

Blox’s Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) automates the invoice processing workflows, reduces manual labor costs, improves accuracy and efficiency, and frees up valuable resources for other business-critical tasks.

How Blox’s Invoice Processing Automation Works

Huge volumes of invoices handled by Accounts Payable (AP) workflows

Blox leverages advanced technologies such as intelligent OCR and machine learning to handle high volumes of invoices and improves processing efficiency.

Manpower intensive teams, hence inability to scale

Blox reduces manual labor costs by automating repetitive tasks, enabling AP teams to focus on higher-value activities and allowing you to scale your operations.

Traditional automation cannot handle variance in invoices and POs coming into the system

Blox’s federated models can handle variations in invoice and PO formats, ensuring accurate and efficient processing of all documents.

Manual intervention for 2-way/3-way matching & reconciliation across PO-Invoice-GRN

Blox automates 2-way/3-way matching and reconciliation, reducing the need for manual intervention and improving field-level accuracy

Delayed invoice processing & payouts, leading to poor experience for vendors/users

Blox streamlines the entire invoice processing workflow, reducing processing times and enabling timely payouts to vendors, leading to a better experience for all stakeholders.


Say goodbye to manual processes and hello to more efficient, accurate billing with Blox

Why choose Blox for Invoice Processing Automation

Handling variance in invoices from new vendors, as well as different templates of invoices from vendors

Accuracy in extraction of fields from invoices, even with changes in placement / names of fields.

2-way & 3-way matching & reconciliation across invoices - POs - GRNs (Good Received Notes), to validate invoice for payment.

Automated flags raised based on the reconciliation to process the invoice for payment / internal review.

Impact Metrics

The results of Intelligent Document Processing with Blox


Reduction in cost through intelligent document processing


Faster go-live
through process automation


Reduced time in
data organization processes


Accuracy in extraction, enabling faster document processing

Customer stories

Improved Efficiency with Intelligent Document Processing & Automation for Healthcare Staffing

Improved workflow automation and better efficiency for marketing teams

Improved Efficiency with Intelligent Document Processing & Automation for Healthcare Staffing

Accelerated User Onboarding & Pre-Assessment For Dental Care

Type of Business: US-based Leading Healthcare Staffing Provider

Goal: To optimize TAT & Save Cost, through KYC document automation, across the User Onboarding Workflow

AI Implementation:

  • Text extraction of relevant fields from applicant’s documents such as vaccination cards - handling multi variance across formats, digital vs handwritten
  • Automate validation of multiple documents per user and verification based on business requirements


  • 92% time saved on the document validation & verification workflow
  • 1/8thof the time taken by AI compared to manual workflow
  • 9% estimated annual savings on manual workforce:
  • 3.5x is the projected annual ROI

Improved workflow automation and better efficiency for marketing teams

Type of Business: Data solution and intelligence provider

Goal: Increase productivity, reduce manual effort, standardize and validate scrapped output data

AI Implementation:

  • SoW creation & Input dataset for Scraping
  • Automating manual Contact & company validation
  • Automating Manual Data Verification, Standardization


  • 81% Savings on time on Company and Contact Name matching and validation
  • 43.60% Savings on time on the standardization of the output
  • Overall 45% time savings on end to end workflow

Con ConlonMD and CEO, Merit Group

Blox helped us distill huge volumes of data from different sources and make it usable. The work we did with Blox on retail enabled buyers to make really smart decisions about what garments to put on their shelf.

Abhay SabooCo-founder & CEO, CoLearn

We’ve been working with the team for almost a year now. Our vision was to use AI to transform the way students engage with educational content. We began by working with to help students find answers to specific questions but over time, that use case has evolved now creating more immersive, student-led, learning experiences.

Julian ArtopéFounder & CEO, Zenyum

One thing we kept investing in at all points in time was the product team. It was so strategic for us to keep building and expanding the solution of the product. The first thing is the Automated Smile Assessment – something that helps us a lot with. It really gave us an advantage in the end. We're seeing some super exciting stuff.

Sauvik BanerjjeeFounding CTO, Tata Digital & Tata Neu

Tata and MSD have a thought-process marriage. We will learn from the data and patterns they’ve observed through a broad lens from their diverse clientele and they will learn about the consumer behavior patterns that we have observed.

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