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What is Blox?

The Blox product is a single interface through which businesses can fix their data and build immersive personalized experiences. The product provides an easy method to extract and enrich data from images, videos, and text using Computer Vision and NLP. This data can then be organized into standardized and structured formats. The product also uses AI to build enriched 1:1 customer profiles which are then mapped to the enriched business data that was created. This allows for the creation of robust, personalized digital experiences for every single user, across channels.

The Blox Hubs

Content Hub


Audience Hub

Content Hub allows you to upload, configure, manage and enrich catalogs & other data sources that you want to personalize for your users. You can

  • Create a catalog with any data source and or regularly sync of catalogs.
  • Extract and enrich data from images, videos, and text through NLP, image and video recognition, OCR, and text extraction
  • Organize this enriched data into a structured format
  • Use this data to train and build new models curated towards your business goals.

The DXM Hub maps every individual’s preferences, affinities and intent with the right product data allowing you to create personalized user experiences for every user on the site. You can

  • Create and deploy various recommendations across a page.
  • A/B test between different content and its placement on the same page or across pages.
  • Segment and target any user or an audience group based on what works best for your business.
  • Manage how the recommendations are rendered on your website.
  • Choose from readily available templates or custom create templates based on business goals.

The Audience Hub allows you to curate different visitor data into audience segments and user profiles based on behavior on the site. Each of these pre-defined audience segments can have different journeys and tailored experiences. You can

  • Create and view a custom audience or choose from the list of pre-set audience segments
  • A/B test with multiple audiences for different user experiences.
  • Monitor and track detailed audience performance and KPI metrics for each segment
  • Check overlap of audience presets as well as the percentage of overlap between audience segments.
  • Import/export audience lists

Why Blox?

Detailed In-Depth Data

Customizable Data Structures

Continuous Learning Support

Enriched Data Intelligence

Dynamic Personalization

1:1 Personalization

30% - 50%

lift in site wide
conversion rate

20$ - 35$

ROI for every 1$ spent
on us

40% - 60%

lift in revenue
per visit

Customer Stories

Accelerated User Onboarding & Pre-Assessment For Dental Care

Improved Efficiency with Intelligent Document Processing & Automation for Healthcare Staffing

Diesel Enhances Product Data with AI-powered Automated Tagging

Purple Style Labs Personalizes Digital Luxury

Accelerated User Onboarding & Pre-Assessment For Dental Care

Type of Business: Asian D2C Smile Transformation Brand

Goal: Make user onboarding faster and more efficient + reduce user bounce rate.

AI Implementation:

  • The user clicks various views of their teeth and uploads on the digital dental platform
  • The AI processes each image and checks for various criteria that needs to be met
  • The user receives on-screen prompts/ retake requests in the app as soon as they upload each photo
  • The approved images can be passed on for pre-assessment and other downstream processes right away
  • This ensures that the feedback for the user is immediate, to ensure that only accurate and qualified images get uploaded.


  • 97% Accuracy In User Qualification
  • 90% Reduction In Finer Resubmission Rate
  • 50% Reduction In Overall Resubmission Rate
  • 75% Reduction In User Bounce Rate

Improved Efficiency with Intelligent Document Processing & Automation for Healthcare Staffing

Type of Business: American Healthcare
Staffing Provider

Goal: Improve operational efficiency for the teams working on digitizing the nursing staff’s records.

AI Implementation:

  • Extract information from documents, using OCR, in an automated manner
  • Build and deploy the text models for different document types and their required taxonomy
  • Seamless integration into inhouse systems to gather feedback from human reviewers feeding into data for model iterations.


  • Greater throughput of digitized records
  • Faster matching of nurses to nursing requirements
  • Increased productivity, leading to cost savings for the current team
  • Better accuracy of the data extracted
  • Automated digitization of records
  • Faster data extraction using AI

Diesel enhances product data with AI-powered automated tagging

Type of Business: Popular european lifestyle brand

Goal: Optimize process efficiency and build customer-specific taxonomies while enhancing the quality and reliability of product data.

AI Implementation:

  • Automated tagging for faster product onboarding
  • AI-powered tagging for rich data and a scalable process
  • Standardized tags for clean, consistent catalogs


  • Tagging solution saves 30 hrs of time per week per person
  • 450M product tags and attributes served with the Tagging solution
  • 121 types of attributes recognized; 1043 different attribute values available with the Tagging solution

Purple Style Labs personalizes digital luxury

Type of Business: Multi-designer
digital luxury platform

Goal: Craft the best possible experiences for their shoppers, helping them find the right product at the right time.

AI Implementation:

  • Dynamically personalized similar products to ensure users saw the most relevant products through the shopper journey.
  • Brand-based similar product recommendations to retain users who have clear brand-preferences.
  • Search page personalization to reduce drop offs and improve product discovery.


  • 16.8% of revenue directly attributable to
  • 72% Improvement in CTR with’s search page personalization widget in six months
  • 26.3% increase in user engagement rate

Abhay SabooCo-founder & CEO, CoLearn

We’ve been working with the team for almost a year now. Our vision was to use AI to transform the way students engage with educational content. We began by working with to help students find answers to specific questions but over time, that use case has evolved now creating more immersive, student-led, learning experiences.

Julian ArtopéFounder & CEO, Zenyum

One thing we kept investing in at all points in time was the product team. It was so strategic for us to keep building and expanding the solution of the product. The first thing is the Automated Smile Assessment – something that helps us a lot with. It really gave us an advantage in the end. We're seeing some super exciting stuff.


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