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Modular AI building blocks is the world's first general-purpose AI platform that powers applications across workflows delivering value, unlike any other point solution. With its proprietary AI-enabled architecture, allows businesses to unlock the power of their data to solve a wide range of business problems from classification & recognition to prediction and forecasting. is a dynamic system that is continuously learning and fully customizable.


Enrich business data + Deploy personalized customer experiences through the same product

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We are transforming how enterprises use Artificial Intelligence

with our end-to-end AI Platform

01Data Cleanup & Organization
  • Extract and enrich data from images, videos, and text through NLP, image and video recognition, OCR, and text extraction
  • Organize this enriched data into a structured format
  • Enable different teams to build and deploy models using this data
02Workflow & Process Automation
  • Automate business processes & create hyper-efficient workflows
  • Increase team productivity by removing redundancy in processes & improve accuracy of outcomes
  • Build AI that constantly learns from the domain to mimic capabilities
03Digital Experience Management
  • Enriched customer profiles through real-time signals collected across channels and touchpoints
  • Robust digital experience management suite which puts the control in the hands of business teams
  • Instant go-live with hybrid search and personalization models across channels

Use Cases

Image & Video Recognition

Capture & create data through audio & video analysis. Classify videos based on enriched metadata such as image / video guidelines and more.

Personalized Content

Using historical data and robust real-time user profiles, predict demand for products and services and optimize resources as well as operational expenditure.

Image & Text Tagging

Using Computer Vision and NLP, create enriched metadata for images and text based on domain-specific taxonomy.

Document Extraction

Identify and extract relevant information from documents using OCR and NLP. This can be done even when the data structure is changed.

Know Your User

Build dynamic user profiles and understand every user’s unique behavior. This offers you a singular view of your customer across channels and touchpoints.

Content & User Onboarding

Onboard & organize content faster using enriched metadata. Automate workflows for user onboarding with quality checks such as text & image moderation.

Image Moderation

Automate the process of monitoring and removing content that is inappropriate or of poor quality.

Data Cataloging

Create robust data catalogs that are organizable for queries and allow for team members to build their own models over time.

Churn Prevention

Enable higher user retention by facilitating user movement down the conversion funnel - be it onboarding, pre-assessment, or availing services - based on real-time knowledge of every user.

Digital Experience Platform

Create enriched customer profiles with the digital experience platform that allows multiple teams to manage & use profiles across applications from acquisition to engagement to growth.

Targeting & Personalized Promotions

Target any new piece of content to the right cohort of users for maximum engagement. Personalize promotions for new products, services & content based on user profiles.

Lead Qualification & Nurturing

Drive more qualified leads and nurture your leads to faster conversions by user profile enabled lead scoring and sales enablement.

The 30-60-90 Framework

30 days: GO-LIVE
60 days: AI SUCCESS
90 days: GROWTH
The 30-60-90 Framework

Discovery& Scope

  • Identify business use cases
  • Interpret as technical & product problem statements
  • Craft solutions
The 30-60-90 Framework

Solutioning Workshop

  • Understand solution scope
  • Ramp up tech from existing scaffold to deliver
  • Work with customer teams to integrate
The 30-60-90 Framework

Onboarding & Outcomes

  • Ensure stability
  • Enable ease of data access
  • Define clear success metrics
The 30-60-90 Framework

AI Success

  • Monitor & measure performance
  • Track success
  • Nurture growth
  • Build a roadmap
The 30-60-90 Framework

Enhancement & Growth

  • Trigger enhancements & iterations of AI solutions
  • Discover more mission critical challenges to solve and deliver impact for the customer

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