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xBlox is an AI-powered data organization tool. xBlox enables a multi-X speedup in labelng and enriching data, and building Machine Learning models that can automate data organization at scale, all without needing to write a single line of code.

Starting with raw data, xBlox pipelines can ingest image data in the form of a CSV. The in-built taxonomy manager can be used to assemble attributes into a hierarchy that brings structure to data management. The tool enables users to visually label/classify data points based on their attributes, while the system observes, learns from user interactions and predicts labels for the remaining data points.

This ping-pong process between the AI making predictions and humans providing feedback, exponentially reduces the number of data points hand-labeled by the user, and the time it takes to reach completion.

The goal of xBlox is to organize your dataset in the quickest time, and deploy ML models for data organization into production in less than 24 hours.

Intro xBlox

Why xBlox?#

  • Start from scratch and complete workflows in minutes – xblox is one complete package that includes all the moving parts to go from raw data to organized data

  • Usability is at the core of xBlox, enabling everyone to build ML models.

  • Attributes are fully customizable, making it simple and intuitive to incorporate business and use-case specific tweaks to the data organization

  • Hundreds of CV and NLP models simultaneously process every data point, extract features and project them on a two-dimensional canvas. The result is a reimagined visualization of data, that helps understand data spread and mix, along with the similarities and differences between individual data points.