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A project encapsulates everything needed for a data organization workflow.


The segment determines the data domain. Choosing a specific segment enables the system to customize the taxonomy and model selection workflows below to suit your data.

Data Feeds#

A data feed is a bunch of data points uploaded for organization.

  • Upload sample data on xBlox.

  • For the feed upload, select the column name that contains the primary image URL that will be considered for organization.

  • Multiple feeds of data can be uploaded into the same project at the time of project creation, or at a later stage.


We recommend you upload a feed where there’s at least a 100 data points per class of organization at the root level. For example, if your product catalog has five product categories, it is advisable that your feed has at least 500 products so the system has enough data to learn from.

We also have an upper limit of 3000 data points per feed. This ensures that the user always has a handle over the amount of data being visualized and organized. Additional data can be uploaded as subsequent feeds within the same project.

Supported Formats#

The current version of xBlox supports image data in the form of a CSV - each row of the CSV represents a single data element that must contain at least one JPEG image url and optionally text metadata and/or additional images. If your data is in any other format, please contact our support team and we will facilitate the onboarding.